Do you know which was the first Asian country to develop a “Supersonic Fighter Aircraft” in the whole Asia back in 1964?

INDIA was the first Asian country to develop a “SUPERSONIC FIGHTER AIRCRAFT” in 1964.

The name of the Aircraft was HAL HF24 MARUT.

Though it wasn’t exactly a successful project !!!

but when we uncover the reasons behind its decommission , you will be blown away.

HAL HF-24 Marut was successful in achieving the speed of Mach 1 unlike the expectation of Mach 2.

Experts are of the opinion that Marut initially did not get an engine powerful enough to match its specifications and fully exploit its abilities .

Have you ever wondered why India a Pioneer in Space , Missile and Satellite technology is yet to leave its mark in Defence and Aircraft Manufacturing ?

It is funny that a country which is a superpower in Missile technology cannot make airplanes,

It is funny that a country which is a superpower in Satellite technology cannot make guns, night vision equipments or for that matter even bulletproof jackets and helmets.

Let us uncover the main reason behind these irrational limitations hounding Indian defence manufacturing since long.

I promise you will be blown away.


Lemme unveil the major power that ensured India always remained dependent for her defense requirements and hindered the prospects of India becoming AatmaNirbhar (Self-reliant).

The Villain is none other than the oldest political party of India i.e. Indian National Congress Party ( Congress Party as we know it).

The stories of them derailing the defence manufacturing sector started with Jeep Scam which was their debut scam and after which there was no turning back and Congress broke its own records multiple times through scams mounting to humongous amount of money.

Along with causing huge financial irregularities in defence deals the main focus of CONGRESS was to always keep India dependent on foreign suppliers so that everytime India required defence purchase the grand old party can award the bid to the supplier who gave the highest brokerage to the Party.

Coming to Marut, HAL manufactured a total of 147 aircrafts , the only problem with the aircraft was its Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) technology. A more powerful engine was required to power Marut to achieve Mach 2 speed.

Sadly the CONGRESS realized that this can be a game-changer for India as Marut was one of the most advanced planes of the time, stooges from Ministry of Defence got involved with Foreign Defence Mafia & brought an overpowered GTRE engine under a conspiracy to destabilize Marut.

As a result MARUT had few accidents because of loss of control due to the overpowering of the engine.

The engine was bought from Russia.

It is the same engine that is being used now in MiG-29.

The concerned Govt officials never made enough efforts to get the best engine for our homemade Aircraft.

And behold the Indian Godi Media!!!

It started negative campaigns about Marut and they even nick named it “Flying Coffin”.

Do not be surprised, Indian Godi Media existed even back then.

The entire Congress ecosystem ganged up together demanding to stop the project calling it a failed mission and were successful in decommissioning it.

Marut officially retired from IAF in the early 90s. Marut can only be now seen as an exhibit in India.

The Aircraft that u see below

is an original HF-24 Marut located somewhere in the city of Bangalore.

A few years after the MARUTS retired, A defence team from France visited India intending to study the design , structure and other technicalities of Marut. They were allowed to stay in HAL Bangalore facility for a brief period of 7 days.

The team returned after their research including pictures and videos of the aircraft.

About 2 years after this visit France launched Mirage 2000

Which is currently being used by the Indian Air Force (IAF) .

Soon after the launch the discussions and theories in the defence world surfaced claiming Mirage 2000 an identical to Marut.

Top brass from the IAF wanted to reopen the Marut’s files to deeply study and compare the design of Marut, it’s built, materials used, it’s aerodynamics and other important technical specifications but not a single document was found.

All the documents disappeared mysteriously!!!

Adding to this, Have you heard about Naval Chief DK Joshi ?

The Naval Chief DK Joshi did not gel up well with the Indian Defence Mafia and he was forced to resign from the service.

Mr. Joshi in his interview on NDTV said that he had to resign because of the corruption in his department facilitated by top government officials.

But NDTV had deleted the video within 3 hrs after the interview.

It is a no brainer to guess that Congress Govt has been a commission mafia right from the beginning.

However in the NEW INDIA, The Govt has banned import of 101 defence peripherals and also the manufacturing of indigenous defense equipments in India is being stressed on and materializing with the concrete #MAKEININDIA project.

Hope to see India reaching the pinnacle of Aircraft and defence manufacturing via its indigenous technology.